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Hi I'm Rachel. 

 Welcome to mad moods.

Thanks for stopping by! All of my prints start as handmade (analog) collages. Everything is created the "old-fashioned way," using magazines, books, newspapers, and whatever else I can get my hands on (vintage Playboy is my favorite). Original collages are then scanned and printed on archival-quality paper.

Collaging is very niche, so I'm often asked how I got into it. I used to collage non-stop growing up, but once I hit my teens, I stopped doing anything creative. In late 2020, after a quick ten-year hiatus, I stumbled across some used magazines and felt inspired to start collaging again. The rest is history! 


Analog collaging is my way of escaping the digital world, getting into flow state, and leaning into the highs and lows of life (hence the name Mad Moods). A lot of time, energy, and love goes into the collage-to-print process. I hope you enjoy!


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